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Pest Control: Bed Bugs

Skin biting bed bug

Bed Bugs

Cimex lectularius Linnaeus

Bed bugs are one of the most notorious pests in the world. After disappearing for decades, they have made a resurgence since the 1990s. These insects feed primarily at night, though they are not exclusively nocturnal. Bed bugs lay up to 500 eggs in a lifetime and can live several months without feeding. Though there have been no cases of disease being transmitted, bites can cause itchy, red welts. Furthermore, they can be detrimental psychologically, causing anxiety and sleeplessness. If you suspect an infestation, contact a pest management professional.


Mahogany to reddish-brown; will become a darker color after feeding

Flat and oval; become engorged after blood meal

¼ inch long


Live in areas near host. Most commonly this is in bedrooms where they stay hidden when not feeding. Their flat bodies allow them to hide in places like mattress folds, behind headboards, picture frames, CD cases, and many more.

Found throughout the world

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