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Introducing our brand new annual maintenance plan…

Click here to download a PDF of the Pestfree365 brochure to learn more about this service

Protecting your home and family from over 36 different pests all year long.

Providing pest free living since 2006.

Providing pest free living since 2006. For over a decade, Gemtek technicians have seen and solved just about every pest problem imaginable. Our technicians have an average of eight years on the job and that experience means that they understand how to put the latest materials and methods to work for you. Pest free living all year long… we have been keeping that promise since 2006.

Local pest control experts.

Gemtek technicians live and work in your community so they know what challenges you may face when it comes to the pests in your area. In order to build a trusted partnership, we assign one highly trained, state licensed technician to your home. Whenever possible, the same technician will work with you, providing consistency and a thorough understanding of your pest control history and needs.

Benefits of pestfree365:

  • Preventative maintenance and unlimited service calls. No extra charges or hidden costs.
  • Broad pest protection that includes over 36 of the most common pests.
  • Regularly scheduled preventative services and inspections six times a year for both the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Service appointments that work with your busy schedule and lifestyle.
  • Honest recommendations for preventing future problems.
  • An annual crawlspace inspection of your home.
  • Convenient payment options. Western Exterminator’s EZ Pay plan automates payment, so you don’t have to worry.

Benefits of pestfree365 + Termites:

  • All the benefits of our pestfree365 plan plus installation of Sentricon, an award-winning system of termite monitoring/ baiting stations, along the perimeter of your home.
  • Sentricon stations, installed during your first pestfree365 + Termites visit, monitor potential termite activity and protect your home from termites.
  • If termite activity is discovered in your home while the pestfree365 + Termites service program is in e ect, Western Exterminator will pay up
    to $10,000* for labor and materials to repair the damage.
  • Sentricon received the Presidential Green Chemistry Award from the EPA for its own impact on the environment.

Other Services

Bedbugs: Blood Feeders


A bed bug crawls on a person's skin

In recent years, bedbugs have re-emerged onto the scene as a major pest problem worldwide. These blood-feeding pests have even become common all over the United States due to the increasing convenience and frequency of travel. In many cases, unsuspecting individuals may transport bedbugs back to their own home on items such as luggage, bedding and clothing that was exposed to an infected location. If you suspect bedbugs in your home or business, DO NOT WAIT to call us.
Even if you are unsure of what to look for, an inspection from one of our pest professionals just once a year can save you thousands. With our worry-free guarantee against bedbugs, you can rest assured that your home and family are protected.

Bird Control

Nuisance bird populations can be both annoying and destructive

At Gemtek Pest Control we have a myriad of solutions for nuisance bird problems that take into account the safety of your family as well as the safety of the environment. We understand that every nuisance bird problem is not the same and can be difficult to diagnose over the phone. For that reason, we would recommend that you give us the opportunity to come to your home or business and personally assess the situation. This assessment is free of charge and gives us an opportunity to present you with a plan of action, explain our findings and share our knowledge

Call today to receive a free inspection and proposal.

Are mosquitoes making your outdoor living spaces uninhabitable?

At Gemtek Pest Control we believe that our customers should be able to enjoy their outside living areas without having to worry about mosquitoes and other biting and stinging insects. Unfortunately, these insects are often difficult to control. At Gemtek Pest Control, we use a multi-faceted approach to reduce the flying insect population around your home that cuts down the flying adult population and regulates the larval stages as well. This approach is not only economical, but also very effective

Call today to get a free mosquito inspection and abatement proposal!